Details & Questions


What is Boat-A-Palooza?

It’s the best damn party of the year. We have no reason except to have a good time and to bring together different social groups. Who the hell needs a reason to party, anyways?

Who hosts Boat-A-Palooza

We’re a small group of friends who simply like to party.

How much are tickets?

Boat-A-Palooza is free! Like most of our parties/events, we don’t charge admission or cover, but we appreciate any donations you can make.

When is Boat-A-Palooza 2017?

Boat-A-Palooza 2017 takes place on June 24th. The bus will leave Southpark Meadows at 11am sharp, and the boat will cast off at noon.

What other events do you host?

Our normal line up of big parties includes a kick-ass New Year’s Party, Horns Up Texas Tailgates (every home Texas game), a Super Bowl Party, a Halloween Party, and The Longest Happy Hour Ever.

Of course, we’re always throwing smaller get togethers, so just ask what we’re up to!

What do I need to bring?

Nothing, really! The whole point is that you let us take care of everything. You’re welcome to bring your own booze or food for grilling if you’d like, though. If you bring a cooler, make sure it’s small as there won’t be much storage room on the bus.

Note: Don’t forget to bring your ID!

What should I leave at home?

Please DON’T bring the following items:

  • Any kind of glass containers
  • Jello shots
  • Beer bongs
  • Funnels

Who can I invite?

Boat-A-Palooza is open to anyone over 21.

However, it is an invite-only event – no exceptions! You must have an invite from us to board the bus and boat. You can request an invite on this website.

Can I meet you at the boat?

Yes, but remember that the marina charges $5 to park there. The boat starts boarding at 11:30am, and leaves at noon sharp from Highland Lakes Marina. The address is: 16120 Wharf Cove, Volente, TX 78641.

What drinks will you provide?

At a minimum, we will provide a keg and frozen margaritas. We usually also take some bottles and mixers.

Will there be drinks on the bus?

Yes, we’ll have beer for the bus ride there.